What would influence you to book your holiday online?

by Gemma Maidment on 8 June 2011

It’s that time of year again when your friends and colleagues are talking about going on holiday but you haven’t booked anything… What is the first thing you do? Well other than despair and wonder if the UK will be hot enough this year not to go abroad (probably not), I usually get online and start looking at pictures of gorgeous lapping shores, colourful market towns, and a certain theme park in Florida – but then what, should I just go for it and book it online? What is holding me back?

According to our latest travel poll results, most people that look at holidays online are most influenced to ‘book now’ if they are being showncheap deals. This is what we, as the consumer, have come to expect. The second thing that would help us to part with our credit card details and book that dream holiday is a review, feedback from other people.

I have to agree with the 1000+ people in the poll, these things are definitely what I look for. The ideal website would be one that might show a price comparison, because then I don’t even have to do any research elsewhere to check I was getting the cheapest deal, and then show me reassuringly honest comments so I feel a level of trust that this great deal won’t have unexpected catches once I get there.

But is that really enough? I still haven’t clicked on ‘book now’, I wonder why…

Have you booked your holiday for this year? What are the top things a travel website would need to make you book online? Leave your comments below… (Also, if anyone has any suggestions on where I should go on holiday this year it would be greatly appreciated!)

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