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by Trenton Moss on 1 September 2011

It has been an up and down kind of month with the shock and sadness of the riots followed by celebration at Notting Hill Carnival. But after months of anticipation I can finally say that I’m writing this blog post from our new office!

A long bank holiday weekend for some was a long weekend of moving boxes and wiring for others. There are still a few things to be done, like choosing coffee machines, decorating our massive floor to ceiling windows (post-its maybe?), and getting rid of the packing boxes but we can safely say that our working space is now a great place to be for our consultants and our clients, and now represents who we are and where we are going as a business. We are still settling in but have already conducted user testingin our test suites and are looking forward to training courses starting in their new home next week.

We hope to welcome you to our new office environment soon, but I have included a quick preview photo of our training facilities to give you an idea of the space!

Also this month we have made a few changes to our newsletter, adding some new features that we hope are useful to you - we would really like to know what you think so leave us a comment below if you have any feedback! If you aren’t subscribed yet then you can subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage for a monthly dose of user & customer experience knowledge sharing, our new Industry Insider feature (this month is Financial Services, and next month is Retail!) as well as book of the month, top links and loads more!

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