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by Trenton Moss on 4 April 2011

As the first quarter of the year finishes we can all start looking forward (well, in the UK anyway) to brighter and sunnier days. There was a momentus occasion in the office last month that clearly signified summer was well and truly on its way… the back door was left open for the day to let some air in. Each year when this happens I find myself with a big grin on my face!

With the warm weather most certainly here in London, I think the hot temperatures have gone to our heads as we’ve planned a huge amount of activity for the upcoming months. This includes:

Webcredible site redesign
Our site is now starting to look incredibly dated and its redesign is well overdue. With a company full of UX designers keen to get their hands on it, we’re certainly not short of interesting and innovative ideas of what to do with the site. We’ve now sketched out our initial wireframe designs so will be proceeding to full design, usability testing and build over the coming months. Watch this space!
New reports
We’ve got 3 new reports coming out over the next few months, to include an updated version of ourannual travel report (will BA still be no.1?) and a couple of very interesting multichannel studies – one of these multichannel reports will be published in about 2 weeks so do keep an eye out for it (if youfollow us on Twitter then you can keep up-to-date with all our new reports, articles & blog posts).
Training & elearning
We’ve just launched a mobile user experience training course and have plans for 3 more courses to go live within the next few months. We’re also going to be launching our new elearning platform, starting with our web writing course. Our elearning platform has been under development for an embaressingly long time but finally we’re at the brink of go live.

In addition to all this planning, I found some time to go to the IPTV World Forum and sit on the ‘Key Considerations in Developing a Customer Focussed UI’ panel. Despite the panel being rather depleted due to some no-shows, it was nonetheless an interesting discussion on best practice usability and design for IPTV and VoD. In case you haven’t seen anything we’ve published on the topic, we know rather a lot about best practice VoD user experience (check out this articleon VoD and this reporton VoD).

Finally then, our latest poll is about to come to a close so do get your vote in before it closes. Asking what would make you likely to book a holiday online we’ve had 800+ votes so far so do get your opinion heard before it’s too late!

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