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by Trenton Moss on 1 September 2010

Another month goes by and we head into the final third of the year and – as usual in September – thoughts begin to turn to Christmas (at least in my household!). There are a whole 4 months to go but the gift ideas and general planning – as well as the Christmas store front displays – are likely to begin very soon.

Because of this we decided to re-run the same poll we did 2 years ago, where it turned out that 1/3 of you weren’t such great planners and did your Xmas shopping at the last minute on the high street! Our latest poll is asking when you’ll do your Christmas shopping between now and December and whether you’ll do it online or on the high street. Over the years we’ve run about 20 polls, with all the results available on the site – they certainly make for interesting reading.

Other than watching the poll votes pile up, we’ve been busy as usual in the office… or at least those us left in the office have been. With holiday season in full swing the office is as usual at its quietest this month. And given the weather in London during August you couldn’t really choose a better month to get away.

Another thing that happened this month is that our training courses seem to be selling even more than usual, which is great news for us! Our search engine rankings for the courses have increased quite a lot in the past month, which is one of the reasons for this.

Our web pages always rank well in Google as there’s so much good content on the site and the pages use very efficient code. We realised however that the training pages didn’t feature the training name enough so did a bit of work increasing the keyword density (i.e. inserting the name of the course a few more times on the page) and hey-presto! For example, our social media training course has increased from 52 to 9 in the Google rankings.

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