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by Trenton Moss on 1 April 2010

As April comes around, we’re fast approaching a new financial year and awaiting the imminent announcement of the general election date in the UK. It’s clear here at Webcredible that companies haven’t stood still waiting as was widely predicted in forecasted budget spend.

Instead more than ever, our clients, both new and old are seeking our expertise to ensure their budget is spent wisely and effectively to give maximum, measurable benefit to their business. New projects continue to roll in with our current projects including user-centered design, accessibility audits, information architecture, user research and use of our accessible CMS system for a variety of organisations ranging from a global manufacturer through to a UK travel company, leading financial services company, public sector organisations, councils, charities and an international B2B services organisation.

Our training courses are expanding and with the our introduction of a wider range of subjects around web writing, SEO, and Google AdWords, our clients are finding these provide the perfect platform for developing in-house skills and refreshing their team’s knowledge directly from our experts. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing further training courses on affiliate marketing, Google Analytics and social media.

And talking of social media our recent poll found some interesting results (not to mention 16 pieces of press coverage including IT DirectorYahoo! News and WebUser). The poll simply asked which social networking site you find easiest to use with the biggest social media names topping the bill. So does this prove they’re the easiest to use or simply that (a) they’re the most popular and  (b) the best at tying in the user – the work being in building up your followers and friends base making it harder to leave and therefore accepting the site as is. I believe the poll reflects the latter points.

Lastly, returning to the most recurring news story in the UK apart from Wayne Rooney’s foot – theGeneral Election, watch out for our political report. Webcredible is compiling the finishing touches to a report on the usability of the top 10 political party websites giving a compelling insight to the active engagement and communications from political party to the electorate via their websites.

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