What's your favourite Firebug feature?

by Paul McCarthy on 2 June 2009

I think it’s probably fair to say that we (CSS developers) owe the people who created Firebug a big wet kiss. But there are still people muddling on without this wonderful Firefox toolbar.

The more time I’ve spent with Firebug, the more I’ve come to rely on it and the more I discover it can do. So it’s got me thinking, maybe there’s stuff it does that I just haven’t discovered yet.

So I’d like you to take a moment to tell me your firebug top tip, that really saves you time. It doesn’t matter how small or obvious. To get the ball rolling here are two features I love:

net-panelThe net panel – amongst other things it ensures you aren’t referencing any missing files plus checking things aren’t taking too long to load. Great for making sure you haven’t referenced any old files and that everything is neat and tidy.

box-modelThe lovely layout panel – more obvious but so useful. Just inspect an item and it’s margin, border, padding are shown as a box model diagram! Brilliant.

Let us know what your favourite Firebug feature is?

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