Who are you targeting?

by Gemma Maidment on 16 April 2012

I was really intrigued by the new Toyota Yaris advert I saw over the weekend, if you haven't seen the Yaris rap yet check it out on YouTube...

I actually quite like this ad because it's different and a bit clever but that's not really important, what I'm not sure about is if Toyota are really going about all this in the right way.

  • The ad is evidently trying to make the Toyota Yaris 'cool' and to attract a younger target audience.
  • However, if you look at the Yaris pages on the Toyota website it feels like an entirely different story, one that fits in some ways much better to the target audience you would expect for a Toyota Yaris.

There are a few things to think about here...

Are you targeting the right people?

Getting your customer experience right is really important for a brand to be successful, but it needs to go hand in hand with in depth market research so that you are targeting the right group of customers. We deal with this all the time with our clients, so part of our strategy phase is to mix the user research with market research to help them match their product with real customer needs - and sometimes we find that your ideal target market might not be who you expected!

Is the brand experience consistent?

Perhaps Toyota have done their research and decided that the Yaris will be most successful being targeted at a younger audience so they are looking at altering their communications to the market. Unfortunately, they have forgotten that to really convince the market of this and get those customers on board they need to revamp all along the customer experience cycle, not just introduce 'cool' advertising. This includes the website, social sites, car showrooms, print ads, brochures - the lot. Every touchpoint for the Toyota Yaris needs to purposefully be targeting the younger market with the same vigour as the advertising to achieve the best level of customer experience. Toyota do have a further challenge as the Yaris is a sub-brand and their overall branding might be so strong that revamping the communications for a more youth market for just the Yaris might not work.

Is there more to come from Toyota?

There are probably loads of examples out there where advertising gets a new angle and the rest of the digital experience gets left behind. What do you think? There has to be a step one, are Toyota going to get their other platforms into shape or is it just an advertising initiative trying to work hard all by itself?

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