Why is interaction design important for businesses

by Nirish on 9 July 2014

Webcredible’s own Nirish takes some time to talk about why Interaction Design (IxD) is important in making sure you are fulfilling your users needs.

Why is Interaction Design important for businesses from Webcredible on Vimeo.

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What does IxD mean to you?

IxD or interaction design is about helping the user/customer get to their goals as quickly as possible with minimum fuss so that your product becomes invisible. It actually sounds like an oxymoron but the focus should not be on using your product but on solving your user/customer’s problem.

Why is IxD important for businesses?

Well, businesses need to interact with customer’s day-in-day-out across multiple touchpoints. It’s not just when your customers uses your website to order something but also when they go onto social media to brag or complain about you, or even when they pick up the phone. So there are so many different touchpoints that the customer can use to engage with you. The customer’s decision to buy or not buy your product depends on the quality of that interaction. As a business, wouldn’t you rather design and take control of that interaction to get the outcome you desire?

What’s your one top IXD tip?

Always validate your assumptions!

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