Why learn about mobile user experience?

by Alex Anderson on 2 February 2015

Everyone knows you need a mobile presence – but how do you get it right? Where do you start?

We’ve been teaching Mobile UX for years – as one of our most popular courses we thought we’d ask Alex Baxevanis our most experienced trainer at Webcredible a bit more about what the course covers – and also get a sneak preview of some of his top tips for designing for mobile.



Here’s what Alex Baxevanis told us when we interviewed him…

The mobile user experience course is all about helping you take a product or service, whether it’s a new one or something that you already have like a website, and adapt it to a multi-device world.

I have worked on mobile user experience design projects for brands such as Dulux and UCAS, and I used to be a developer and I still like to do that as a side project so I’ve built a couple of apps in my own time that are out there in the App Store.

There are a lot of interesting considerations around designing for multiple devices but my top tip is… always preview your designs in a real device. Do it often, every time you iterate your design, and actually try to touch the buttons you are designing. Does it feel natural? Does it feel big enough? Does it feel clear enough when viewed from a distance?

One of the most interesting things that we cover in the Mobile UX course is understanding that there are a lot of different contexts that people might use your product or service. Nowadays, having a lot of little devices around us means we can take a product or service everywhere with us but we don’t necessarily always use it in the same way. An airline booking app for example might be used very differently when you’re at the airport looking for your boarding pass compared to when you’re sitting on the sofa with a couple of friends thinking where to book your next holiday, can we all book it together?

We don’t go into the actual development and how to build an app in the course, but we tell you what would make it successful.

So, if you want to learn more about designing mobile websites and applications come to our course and learn from our experience, from myself and the entire team here at Webcredible.

You can get more information and book your place on our Mobile UX course and get the advice and skills you need to get going with your mobile strategy  - or give us a call on 020 7423 6320 and we can work out how we can best help you with a mobile project.

There’s loads more that Alex said to us which we’ll share in due course (so watch this space) – but what do you think the most important considerations are for designing for multiple devices or getting going with your mobile touchpoints? Let us know in the comments below!

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