Barbour EHS

A service to ensure UK businesses stay safe and compliant

Barbour EHS provide UK companies with the specialist information they need to run their business and do their jobs well – covering everything from health and safety and facilities management to trading standards and environment and energy.

We worked closely with b2b based-business Barbour to redesign their online portal for business clients, providing better access and interaction with their services and products.

The challenge

Barbour approached us to overhaul a system that had not seen any significant improvements for some time. Their site was rich in quality content and information for businesses, however users found it a challenge to access information they needed.

Barbour wanted to replace their existing platform with an industry-leading service and website. This would make life easier for clients - improving their access to Barbour's knowledge banks, including national and local regulations, assessments and procedures and how to demonstrate compliance. An improved service would also benefit Barbour's team, with less time spent assisting clients with using their service

Our main objectives were:

  • Redesign an outdated system with a modern, user-friendly portal
  • Ensure clients can connect with relevant information across an array of sources and media without appearing to overload them
  • Meet Barbour's need to expand their client base into new areas and upsell additional services to existing users
  • Develop functions to connect clients with important legal information that they didn't know was relevant to them

Involving stakeholders with requirements, visual design workshops and user sessions really helped the focus on what we wanted to deliver: a world-class service for our users.

Barbour EHS

Our approach

We involved Barbour and their stakeholders at all stages of the project, ensuring that defined business objectives could be achieved collaboratively:

  1. We carried out extensive research into user needs through observation and interviews at the workplaces of various Barbour clients. We collected data on how they work with Barbour's existing system, then prioritised tasks and developed user stories, mapping out end-to-end customer journeys.

  2. We ran workshops with various teams at Barbour, including Sales and Customer Service, to enable us to develop ideas and establish how to meet business goals.

  3. We fostered relationships with Barbour's own developers and technical partners to capture valuable insight and include in the project.

  4. We held visual design thinking workshops with Barbour where concepts and wireframes incorporating business goals and research findings were agreed and progressed into design sprints.

  5. Research into the usability of the new portal enabled us to test the prototype system with its intended audience. Findings from the user testing sessions were presented to the client, along with recommendations on final iterations.

Barbour workshop 2.jpg

Impact & results

The transformed UI, with user-focused and task-based design and navigation, will see important content and services easily and quickly accessible.

We continue to work closely with Barbour's development team, supporting them through the next phase - the building of the b2b platform.

The new interface will help ensure that businesses incorporate the tool into their everyday tasks, and are therefore a longer-term, more valuable customer for Barbour.

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