Conversion optimisation training

Increase your website's conversion rate

Almost every website is set up with an end goal in mind for users. Our conversion optimisation course works with your current users to get them to complete your goals by using different tools and techniques.

During our course you will:

  • Learn the tools needed for conversion optimisation success
    Conversion optimisation is all about getting more of your website users to complete business goals (purchasing a product, downloading resources, engaging with your brand etc.). We'll show you a selection of tools we work with to test, wireframe and build a winning design and strategy
  • Learn to create the perfect landing page
    We'll look at elements of persuasion design so you can learn how subtle design changes, such as to call-to-action buttons, can influence conversion rates and bring visitors beyond your initial landing page
  • Define your conversions and micro-conversion rates
    You'll likely have a main goal for users, but they may complete smaller goals (e.g. newsletter signup, product information download) to get there. We'll teach you to put together an effective list of micro-conversion goals, and help you stay creative in coming up with new ideas
  • Learn best practices for A/B and multivariate testing
    'Test, test and test' is our conversion optimisation mantra. We'll teach you how to do this, as well as how you can use wireframes for early testing and interpret results from tests
  • Learn to better define user journeys
    Conversation optimization doesn't stop at landing pages or the payment process. We'll look at the journeys people take through your site. Where do they go from the homepage? After a product page? Why do they go to those places? We'll teach you how to get this information, and how you can streamline your site to get optimised user journeys.

Listen to your trainer, Mark, tell you all about the course

01min 40secs

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Sample course content


  • What is conversion optimisation (CRO) and why should you do it?
  • What are your current conversion rates?
  • Managing stakeholders such as SEO teams, designers and your direct manager
  • Using personas to identify types of users and what will work for them
  • Using data to identify key areas on your website to optimise
  • Techniques for identifying or picking the right user journeys
  • Identifying where you're losing visitors on your website
  • What are users doing on your website currently?
  • Understanding available advertising options and identifying which channels work best for you


  • Identifying where you are now, and what success looks like
  • Setting up test solutions - what tests can you perform?
  • Analysing tests to identify priorities
  • Creating your 'perfect' landing page
  • Software that can provide insights
  • How to conduct A/B and multi-variate testing
  • Continuous conversion optimisation management
  • Top conversion optimisation tips to take back to your office and team members

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Good amount of information / knowledge. Open and friendly presentation. Challenged at some degree with the practical tasks. Inspired with some case studies. Thank you.

Meet Mark Cunnah, your trainer

Mark is a UX Analyst at Webcredible with an amazing level of digital marketing knowledge. He leaves no stone unturned when working with our clients, seeking to uncover every possible insight about their users based on analytics data. He works a lot with our UX researchers, combining his data insight with their qualitative research findings.

As a digital marketing professional over the past 10 years, he has vast experience doing conversion rate optimisation, alongside his SEO, Google Analytics and PPC experience. He focuses relentlessly on driving traffic and improve conversion rates. He's worked both agency- and client-side and has an incredibly consistent track record of success.

When you meet Mark, your trainer, you'll immediately be struck by his incredible passion for optimising conversion rates and digital marketing generally, and his ability and willingness to help you learn and solve whatever problem you're facing.

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Class size

No more than 10 participants - enough so you have other people to learn from but not too many that you're lost in the crowd.

What to bring

As well as your lovely self, you'll need a laptop and charger. Once you've booked, let us know if you don't have a laptop and we can lend you one of ours.

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Webcredible helps businesses innovate, transform and succeed in a digital world.

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Our training academy can help you do the same.

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  • Community: Meet like-minded people

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How to find us

Come and meet the whole team whilst you're here and hang out in our open plan office. We're right on the door step of Borough Market and The Globe Theatre.

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